Brands plan for the Big Game: September 8, 2020 Ad Age Digital Edition


Home field advantage

In the COVID era, fanless venues are a common sight. Still, some leagues, teams and brands have found creative ways to make the best of a bad situation—using fun and creative promotions to bring the games home to consumers.

Fishing is the new pandemic pastime

The sport has gotten bigger than ever thanks to the pandemic, attracting millions of new participants and reactivating millions more lapsed anglers. And the sport already had momentum, particularly among women and Hispanics, as the industry encourages diversity.

‘Let’s assume it’s happening’

That’s been the motto for advertisers looking to buy sports programming in the COVID era and is the current game plan for those planning to air commercials in the pinnacle of all live TV events—the Super Bowl. The fate of the game still hinges on the National Football League getting through the season without a major disruption.

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