How We Work

Understand Your Brand Needs

Your Brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make and the personality you want to portray. It is important we take time to understand this.

Research The Market – This will help to uncover the health of your brand and determine how we develop your brand, moving it forward. We look at AOI, PESTLE & SWOT analyses, and push-pull factors to gain a deeper understanding, to provide you with expert advice.

Identifying Your Target Audience – This will help attract the customers who you want to target, which will improve the results for your business. Knowing your target demographic and considering socioeconomic factors will add strength to your branding and marketing campaigns.

Launch The Right Campaign – Through our various platforms we can launch the right campaign; this will attract new customers and bring repeat business. Having maximum exposure is key but having the concentrated focus is equally as important, and that is where we utilise our knowledge and experience to ensure you see added value.

Assess & Evaluate – We can evaluate the level of effectiveness versus your initial targets and help you understand what media platforms work for your brand. At IMA, we want to forge long-term fruitful relationships, where we can support your business growth strategies – we can do this by continually assessing and evaluating you, your brand, and the industry you operate in.